SQLDriverConnect Function - SQL Server

Im002 Unixodbc Driver Manager

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The application can use this string for subsequent connection requests. This environment is a shared environment that is used by all applications that use the connections in the pool. Checks whether the file name of the. The connection string may include any number of driver-defined keywords.

Im002 unixodbc driver manager

The Driver Manager checks these criteria against the corresponding connection keywords and attributes in connections in the pool. If the information in the system information duplicates information in the connection string, 2.1 sound driver the driver uses the information in the connection string.

SQLConnect Function - SQL Server

Establish a connection to a data source using a connection string constructed from the information in a. For information about how an application chooses a data source, see Choosing a Data Source or Driver. If I am right there are backward compatible. In the following example, an application allocates environment and connection handles. For information about how an application chooses a data source or driver, see Choosing a Data Source or Driver.

Best Regards, Rizwan aka RizwanSharp. The communication link between the driver and the data source to which the driver was trying to connect failed before the function completed processing. Marked as answer by Senthil.

There is a performance versus connection usage tradeoff. The environment allocated by this call is a shared environment because connection pooling has been enabled.

The data source rejected the establishment of the connection for implementation-defined reasons. The driver then allocates handles and initializes itself.

SQLDriverConnect Function

If no match is found, a new connection is created. How is this resolved when connecting to a text file data source? Constructs a connection string for the driver. If a match is found, the connection in the pool is used. The connection timeout period expired before the data source responded to the request.

The driver was unable to allocate memory required to support execution or completion of the function. If a driver indicates that one or more of these transitions are expensive, the driver manager's connection pooler responds to this by keeping more connections in the pool. The Driver Manager copies the connection string specified by the application. The Driver Manager tries to find an existing shared environment that matches the environment attributes set by the application.

Until that point, the Driver Manager works with its own handles and manages connection information. This may help you too like that guy, use System. Here is the code I am using.

The driver connection string is the union of the keywords specified in the. It then performs the same operations as when a driver is not connected to.

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